Automobile Designs of the Future

The Plastics Division of the American Chemistry Council (ACC), in conjunction with the SPE Automotive Division, sponsored the senior thesis project for the Center for Creative Studies Transportation and Design Department. With the help of plastics industry experts, the students let their imaginations run wild as they developed concept cars utilizing plastics for exterior and interior designs.

Plastics and Polymer Composites in Light Vehicles Report (November 2017)
The $353 billion North American light vehicle industry represents an important sector of economy of both the United States and Canada.

Plastics in Automotive Trends Report (January 2016)
Competitive market intelligence and analysis focusing on current trends impacting North American plastics processors.

See HD Close-Ups of the New 3-D Printed Carbon Fiber Plastic Car Here
Local Motor's 3-D Printed Car Visits Washington, DC.

Racing Toward the Future of Auto Design (PlasticsNews)
Each year, seniors in the automotive design program at Detroit's College for Creative Studies design future cars based on briefings from businesses. This year, the American Chemistry Council sponsored the fall program, led by instructors Joann Jung and Eric Stoddard. Watch this video of the 14 students and some of their designs.

Student Art Designs on Facebook
What are the designs that everyone is talking about? View these incredible student art designs to learn more.

Plastics in Cars: Today and Tomorrow
What does the future hold for plastics in vehicles? Watch this video to learn more.

The College for Creative Studies Presents "Cars of Tomorrow"
Student designers of tomorrow are creating remarkable plastics-intensive vehicle concept cars today. Watch this 3 minute video to learn more.

Energy Efficient Technologies—Smart Forvison and the Future of Electromobility
The smart forvision includes a light-transmitting roof with transparent light-activated solar cells that generate energy and power the car’s climate control system, infrared-reflective film on the windows that help reduce the interior temperature in the summer and the first all-plastic wheel rim suitable for series production.

Physics in the Crumple Zone Demonstrate How Less Stiff Materials, Like Plastic, Can Help Prevent Injury and Save Lives
Crumple zones allow the front of the vehicle to crush like an accordion, absorbing some of the impact of the collision and giving some off in the form of heat and sound. The front of the vehicle effectively acts as a cushion that slows the time it takes for the vehicle to come to a complete stop, applying less force on passengers, which could help save their lives.

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Plastics Enabling Autonomy In New Directions: Mobile Art Gallery

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