NEW FACT SHEET: Plastics in Automotive

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Modeling Shows Automotive Material Lightweighting Saves Lives

New advocacy graphic demonstrates the roll of plastics and composite lightweighting in maintaining safety. Research shows that as cars lightweight, weight reductions alone can reduce traffic fatalities. More aggressive weight reductions than needed to achieve current proposed CAFE standards can save even more lives. » Learn More

Have you heard about any of these innovations in plastics that are helping make cars light, energy efficient and safe?

  • A new manifold that increases horsepower 33%.
  • A front grill that saves weight and 50 of former tooling costs.
  • A single plastic part that reduces the need for 27 extra parts.

Automotive Research on How Lightweight Plastics Enhance Safety

Vehicle Front-end Safety:

Vehicle Interior Safety:

Vehicle Exterior Safety:


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 Automotive Bonding that Lasts a Lifetime 

How does stuff in your car stay stuck for a decade? Find out about automotive plasma bonding here.

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Plastics and Sustainability


A Valuation of Environmental Benefits, Costs and Opportunities for Continuous Improvement

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