2016 Andres Alonso2 Small2016 Zach Rusack2 Smallclose up of fenderFull 3-D printed, carLogos of the collaborating partnersDetail of the snug fitSTRATIrear brake lightrear-wheel drive electric carPeeking through the spaceNote the near perfect sintering that allows a beautifully inset headlamp.Driver and passenger seats re both single piece manufactured seats. The entire car has less than 49 parts in total. The seats are two of the 49.Driver’s seat viewsThis is the left-side rear three-quarter’s view.Full frontal shotglove compartment area supports the vehicle sidewallviewpoint position is over the hoodFull front bumper  interior floor of the passenger-side foot areadetailed computer guided layering Just above the passenger-side foot areaOne of the shock and spring mounts viewed between the fender and the body. The entire front-end is almost one giant piece
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Plastics and Sustainability


A Valuation of Environmental Benefits, Costs and Opportunities for Continuous Improvement

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